• Are all of your plumbers certified?

    Yes. Our team are thoroughly background checked, highly trained, and certified! Each is able to successfully manage any plumbing issue according to the highest industry standards. 

  • What range does your emergency service cover?

    Our emergency service currently covers Gerringong, Werri Beach, Gerroa and surrounds.

  • Why does my drain get clogged?

    The most annoying thing is a clogged drain. There are 2 rooms in your house where the drains usually get clogged. They are your kitchen and bathroom. As to the kitchen drain, people are not very careful about what they put in them. Bathroom drains can be clogged due to the oil rest from shampoos, soaps, detergents, and hair. We strongly recommend you to be more attentive when you put something down in your drains. We can also advise you to treat them with the help of special drain cleaners.

  • Why does my home faucet drip?

    If you are tired of the irritating sound of your dripping faucet, there is a rather simple solution. The internal parts and mechanisms of your faucet should be replaced. This is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to fix it. You can do it yourself or hire our professional plumber.
    And also, you should know how to extend the life of your washers — just always turn them off smoothly, instead of switching them harshly.

  • How can I prevent my home pipes from leaking?

    When you feel you have a leak in your apartment, you can easily inspect it yourself. You should record the level of your water meter, wait for several hours, and check it once more. If you see the change of the level, most likely you have a leak. Then just call Leroy Moody and our professional plumbers will gladly come and cope with this task.

  • How do I prevent doors in my drains or toilet?

    There are bends on pipes under the sinks, they are so-called traps, which are designed to prevent odors from appearing in the bathroom. Smells happen when the traps dry out, so you should pour water into the sewer that emits a bad smell to refill the trap and eliminate the smell. There's one more effective deodorizer - white vinegar. It also kills bacteria and helps to get rid of the odor.