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Our 1.6 tonne excavator can access those tight residential backyards with narrow street frontages

The uses of this excavator machine are endless from digging in a pool or under house excavations, to digging in footings, trenches or drains. Our services are also utilised by Landscaperís and gardening enthusiasts to tidy overgrown gardens, remove existing vegetation or dig holes for new plants. Most importantly our excavation machine has rubber tracks ensuring minimal ground disturbance. We aim to preserve your turf!

Our qualified operator will ensure that we leave the jobsite as tidy as possible. He will even get off the excavator and help you work! We have all the attachments including a dozer blade, ripper, 200mm, 300mm 450mm, and 980mm mud bucket, 350mm auger. Our expandable rubber tracks and detachable roof allows us to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. So save your back, enquire into utilising our 1.6 tonne excavator and 3 tonne tip truck, with experienced operator.

Specializing in:

Irrigation, Trenching, Clearing, Landscaping, Rock walls, Pool preparation, Site preparation, slab preparation, Footings, Rubbish Removal, Post Holes, Under house excavations and much much more


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